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If theres an NFL combine for cats, you can bet that the scouts are all over this one. This cat spends a few second stalking his prey, real or imagined, and then springs into action with a series of jumps that seem fruitless.

Whether the cat saw something threatening on the wall or it simply wanted some exercise, these jumps are impressive. Whats even more impressive is the way that the cat calmly strolls away after its bizarre triple jump. At minimum, this cat leaped a full three feet off of the ground. If you run into this crazy cat on the street, dont ask him for a high five. It will probably jump over your hand.

This video is basically an all-star reel of assorted cat highlights and bloopers. In this video, there are jumping cats, flying cats, and cats that dont want a bath. There are falling cats, bored cats, and cats that cant figure out how to use a mirror.

If Americas Funniest Home Videos were to reward money to our feline friends, then these cats would be walking away $10,000 richer. The video is a hilarious assortment of things that every cat owner fears and every person with a good sense of humor would love to see live. Its a true tribute to cats everywhere as we laugh and make fun of their blunders.

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